Corona cases suddenly increase in Xinjiang province of China, travel banned

Urumqi: China In the northwestern city of Urumqi Coronavirus The number of infection cases is increasing. In the last 24 hours, there have been 47 new cases of corona infection in China. Out of which 17 cases are related to Urumqi city of Xinjiang province. While 5 cases are of people from outside the country.

According to the National Health Commission of China, in the last 24 hours, no new cases of death from corona were reported. Out of the total 83 thousand 682 corona infected in China, 4,634 people have died so far. While 249 patients with symptoms are undergoing treatment. At the same time, 158 patients without symptoms are being monitored keeping them in isolation.

Before the emergence of Corona in Urumqi, China had a large-scale campaign in the country and prevented the community transition. After new cases of corona in Urumqi, metro, bus and taxi services have been banned in the city. Corona testing has been ordered on a large scale by banning people’s visits.

China has implemented strict controls in Xinjiang Province. China says that it is necessary to do this to deal with terrorism and religious extremism. At the same time, civil rights groups and foreign governments accuse China of human rights abuses of Uigars and other Muslim minority groups in the region.

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Meanwhile, no new cases of corona community infection have come to light in Beijing in the last 14 days. In view of this, the local administration has announced to reduce the emergency level from 2 to 3. This step is largely symbolic. This level essentially includes social distance, temperature check and a 14-day mandatory quarantine for travelers coming from abroad.

More than 100 corona cases surfaced in Hong Kong on Sunday in Seeds of Relief news. With this, there is a possibility of the closure of indoor recreation centers, public libraries in Hong Kong and the imposition of new quarantine standards on travelers coming from seven countries affected by Corona, including South Africa.

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