Complaint was registered on social media in the name of Bhushan Kumar for cheating and cheating

Mumbai: Owner of T-Series on WhatsApp Bhushan Kumar A person was cheating people with misuse of name and picture. He was cheating in the name of taking auditions from the Strugglers as well as trying to mislead the new actors. T-series has filed a criminal complaint against these unknown people.

Casting spoof in the film ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’
Actually, T-series came to know that a fraudulent person claiming to be a part of T-series is contacting him for acting to audition in his home production film ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’. The fellow not only approached for the audition, but also demanded money for the same. A complaint has been filed by the production company at Amboli police station on 8 July.

Select model for music video
Another such example was brought to the knowledge of the T-series team in which a person using Bhushan Kumar (WhatsApp display name as Bhushan Kumar) was tricked into selecting people in music videos. The third one (using WhatsApp display picture and WhatsApp display name as Bhushan Kumar) offered work to hair and makeup artists for a music video shoot with two prominent singers in Goa and paid money with them on WhatsApp chat Matters discussed. The said fraudster has gone to the extent of ensuring that a mobile number was searched through Truecaller in the name of Bhushan Kumar. The production house has filed written police complaints against all these unknown persons.

A T-Series spokesperson said, “The intention of such unknown persons shows the intention to stain the name and reputation of Bhushan Kumar and T-Series.” Clearly, in doing so, they are not only taking undue advantage of Bhushan Kumar’s naivete and tarnishing our Managing Director Bhushan Kumar’s reputation in the music and film industry. ‘

The spokesperson further said that neither Bhushan Kumar nor T-Series as a group ever goes to any actor / model / actors and does not demand any compensation or registration money for auditions. We will request all the upcoming talents or anyone involved in the entertainment industry not to fall prey to such traitors. We work only with registered and reputed casting agencies which are easily verifiable. We take such actions of intent and malicious intentions to tarnish our reputation very seriously and apart from the already lodged police complaints, we are also consulted by our legal team to ask the courts to claim heavy damages from the convicts. Can contact

So many streams
A statement issued from the T-series states that fraud against these unidentified offenders under sections 415, 416, 417, 419, 420 of the IPC, section 468 of the IPC, fraud under Section 63 of the Indian Copyright Act For various offenses committed under the Information Technology Act, 2000, along with the character, Bhushan Kumar and brand image of T-series in the industry and members of the general public at Amboli police station for breach of name and reputation, But with identity theft U / S 66C, U / S 66D etc. sections have been imposed.

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