CM Yogi reached Ayodhya, saw Prabhu Shriram Lala; Will review preparations

Ayodhya: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath (Yogi Adityanath) Have reached Ayodhya. CM Yogi Prime Minister Narendra Modi Before the August 5 tour of Bhumi Poojan, we will take stock of the preparations for the program and will also meet the saints and saints. Special preparations are going on to make Bhumi Pujan grand in Ram’s Dham Ayodhya. After nearly 500 years, the wishes of the devotees are going to be fulfilled.

CM Yogi inspected the Ram temple complex. He does not want to leave any shortcoming before PM Modi’s visit. Preparations are being made in Ayodhya to make the program of Ram Mandir construction land worship very grand. On 5 August, PM Modi will perform Bhoomi Pujan at 12.25 pm. A silver brick will be placed in the foundation of the Ram temple.

During the Corona period, special preparations have been made by following two yards for land worship. If there are rituals in the Math temples, then lights will be lit from house to house. On the other hand, enthusiasm will also be seen in Saryu Aarti.

Alana Saryu is preparing to make Maharati grand, but keeping the corona in mind, people will do everything individually, there will be no group event. A glimpse of Diwali can be seen in Ayodhya on the day of Bhumi Pujan.

The VHP has said that the entire country is waiting for the Prime Minister in Ayodhya and under his leadership there will be a Bhoomipujan of Shri Ram temple. Ayodhya residents are busy preparing to celebrate this auspicious day as a festival.

According to the working president Alok Kumar, the soil of the sacred Sharada Peeth located in PoK for Ram temple has also been sent. There will be only 200 people in Ayodhya in Ram temple Bhoomipujan. ZEE NEWS is continuously showing you the most accurate and authentic news of Ram temple construction. We were the first to show you the picture of the new proposed model.


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