CM lifts Bihar out of the clutches of ethnic violence-Bahubalis, starts a Mahayagya of development- Harivansh

Patna: JDU MP Harivansh Narayan Singh while addressing the virtual conferences held in Daronda, Manjhi, Madhaura, Sikta, Kochadhaman and Purnia assembly constituencies said that the most challenging task is to build a society for any politician. This task becomes even more difficult when an inherited state gets a politician to rebuild.

But Nitish Kumar turned this challenge into an opportunity. He did not care for narrow political interests at all. The JDU leader said that he started the Mahayagya of development in Bihar by ending caste violence, areas clutched under the clutches of Bahubalis, chaos and terror. Through roads, bridge-pools, Mahasetu, the village tolls of Bihar were connected.

He said that to remove the darkness of ignorance, many decisions were taken in the field of education, including appointments, bicycle and dress scheme and scholarships and hostels, school buildings.

Harivansh Singh said that Nitishji will get credit for implementing the concept of social justice and development through inclusive development. At the same time, in order to deal with the challenges of environment and ecology, work is progressing rapidly on a well-organized roadmap in this state.

On the same occasion, Building Minister Ashok Chaudhary while discussing the situation arising out of flood and corona said that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar himself is constantly monitoring flood control, disaster management and relief operations.

At the same time, giving direct instructions regarding the Kovid-19 by staying in direct contact with the health department and officials in various districts, even if the leaders of the opposition parties are not performing the duties at the time of natural disaster, but through rumors and propaganda People should not be misled.

Since the people have seen the role of Nitishji in every disaster since the Kusha Dam tragedy, people will not come under the guise of opposition.

JDU leader Ashok Chaudhary said that in these fifteen years, the state has recorded unprecedented growth in all areas including tourism, agriculture, energy, health, education and infrastructure. In the next five years, we will climb many steps of prosperity. That is why the public has trusted Nitish ji’s face every time. This time too, NDA is poised for a big victory.


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