China’s new conspiracy against India! Rage these countries against New Delhi

Beijing: The growing power of India and the support it is getting at the international level has alarmed China. So, now he has started to support Pakistan and Pakistan as well as Afghanistan in his favor, so as to put pressure on New Delhi.

China, Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan held the first video conference of its kind on Monday. It included big names like China’s Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi, Pakistan’s Economic Affairs Minister Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar, Nepal’s Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali and Afghan Foreign Affairs Acting Minister Mohammad Hanif Omar.

India was not invited to this conference, because China aims to isolate India. He wants to strengthen relations with India’s neighbors and he also tried this in the conference. During the conference, China told Afghanistan and Nepal that they should become like Pakistan. Beijing appealed to the two countries to unite, citing Pakistan’s support in the Belt and Road Project (BRI).

The Chinese Foreign Minister urged his counterparts in Nepal and Afghanistan to actively promote the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. He mocked India-US relations and said that ‘we four countries should remain like good neighbors and cooperate with each other in the war with Corona’.

Wang Yi indirectly targeted the US, saying that time will teach a lesson to those who do politics on the epidemic. During this time, the Chinese minister also lured Pakistan, Nepal as well as Afghanistan to trap them. He said that after developing the corona virus vaccine, China will provide it to the three countries and help them to strengthen the public health system.


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