China, who split the corona to the whole world, was accused of stealing vaccine research

Washington: The US has now accused China of stealing CoronaVirus vaccine research. The US Department of Justice said that two Chinese hackers tried to steal the research. Also, the accused hackers, working with the Chinese ministry, also targeted human rights activists in the US and Hong Kong.

Earlier, the United States, Britain, and Canada jointly accused Russia of targeting corona virus research. The three countries had said that a Russian hacking group called APT29 is trying to steal the research document by carrying out online attacks. Now the US has convicted two Chinese citizens in this regard.

According to the Department of Justice, the two Chinese nationals accused of stealing vaccine research include 34-year-old Li Xiaoyu, and 33-year-old Dong Jiazhi. FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich said, “Cyber ​​crimes directed by the Chinese government’s intelligence services threaten not only the US, but every country that supports impartial efforts, international standards, and law enforcement.” Is in danger ‘. At the same time, US Attorney William Hyslop said that computer systems of many businesses, individuals and agencies have been hacked all over the world including the US.

The United States, Britain, and Canada claimed that Russian government-backed hackers were trying to steal research by conducting cyber attacks on medical organizations and universities involved in the research of the Corona vaccine. A hacking group named APT29 (Cozy Bear) has launched a campaign to steal information related to their research. However, Russia has described these allegations as baseless.

The United States, Britain and Canada allege that the group works at the behest of Russian intelligence agencies and the government. According to cyber security researchers, the APT29 hacking tool was also used last year against clients in the US, Japan, China and Africa. Significantly, Britain and the US said in May that a network of hackers targeted national and international organizations trying to tackle Corona, but Russia was not said to be involved. Now America, Britain as well as Canada also say that Russia is stealing important information about the vaccine program through hackers.


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