China wants to fight ‘war’ with America? Powerful bombers landed in South China Sea

new Delhi: In the South China Sea, tensions between China (China) and America (America) are now increasingly moving towards confrontation, it is said that because China has now launched its most powerful bomber in the South China Sea. Have maneuvers with the aircraft. While the US has said in a statement that the Chinese embassy is a spy caves.

The US had practiced in South China Sea two weeks ago with warship Nimitz, whose answer has now come from China. China practiced with the powerful bomber H-6G and H-6J.

The H-6K is actually a much-altered version of the Xi’an H-6, which is capable of carrying air-launched cruise missiles. The H-6K’s firepower is said to be 3,520 km. Because of which the area of ​​South East Asia comes under his JD.

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The non-nuclear bomb that China tested last year and called it the Mother of All Bomb, was dropped by China from the H-6k ship. And now China has indicated to the US that it has the power to attack its warships by practicing these aircraft i.e. H-6G and H-6J bomber in South China Sea.

At the same time, PLA’s retired naval officer Wong Yunfei surprised by saying that Donald Trump could attack China to win the election again. While US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Australia has also declared China’s claims in the South China Sea as illegal and illegitimate.

Mike Pompeo said that 10 ASEAN countries have insisted that South China Sea disputes should be resolved on the basis of international law. Japan led the condemnation proposal of China’s National Security Act implemented in Hong Kong at the G7 meeting. The European Union has also condemned the law and declared China a systemic rival.

Actually, China also knows that it is now under siege in the South China Sea. China is under pressure and this pressure is good.

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