China used to take out the organ of Falun Gong’s followers? Know the whole matter

new Delhi: Falun Gong (Falun gong) Or ‘Dharma Chakra Practice’ in China (China) Is a system of improvement of body and brain under the old qigong tradition. It is a mixed form of Buddha and Taoist teachings and believes in enhancing moral character through tolerance. Falun Gong was founded by the famous Chinese spiritual teacher Li Hongzhi in May 1992. Millions of Chinese urban citizens were added to this movement by Li. It also gained immense popularity around the world, because in those days, there was a large amount of displacement of Chinese students in Western countries.

Throughout the 90s, Falun Gong’s clubs and associations continued to open in every part of Europe, but as the Falun Gong movement began to falter in the international media, tensions between the Communist Party of China and followers of Falun Gong began to increase .

China declared it illegal and put charges on it for spreading superstition. In the coming years, the Chinese Communist Party started promoting Falun Gong as an ‘evil cult’ through its propaganda. Chinese government media published various articles about how Falun Gong is throwing dust in people’s eyes, thousands of Falun Gong followers were arrested, taken into custody. They were taken hostage in labor camps, all atrocities were carried out and even the organs were removed.

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In 2006, Canadian MP David Kilgour revealed Chinese tyranny on Falun Gong followers in a report. The report revealed how the year the Chinese government started its operation on Falun Gong from 1999, the same year, the rate of organ transplant in China started picking up. In 2016, another report was released in which it was estimated that about 1 lakh people had their organs removed in China. As of today, Falun Gong is not visible anywhere in China. His followers keep trying to draw the attention of the world to their plight from countries around the world.

In September 2019, WION arrived in New York to cover the session of the United Nations General Assembly. We presented a report on the annual protests outside the UN General Assembly headquarters. Followers of Falun Gong were sitting quietly among those protesters. They were persecuted because of their beliefs, they were expelled from the country due to their practice and their body parts were removed. The followers of Falun Gong are still fighting for their legitimacy, and are waiting to return home.

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