China claims – most soldiers back completely, India calls Beijing’s statement false

Beijing: China (China) has claimed that most of the soldiers of India and China have retreated completely along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). However, according to sources, the Indian government has declared this claim of China as false. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in the press conference that the frontline troops of China and India (India) have completed the process of retreat at most places along the border and the tension at the ground level is decreasing. In fact, a journalist from the Chinese state media asked him to comment on the media reports that said that troops of India and China had retreated to the Galvan Valley, Hot Spring and Kongka Pass areas in eastern Ladakh. The process has been completed and the soldiers have to retreat only in Pangong So area.

On this, the spokesman said that China and India have recently held intensive talks through military and diplomatic channels. The frontline Chinese and Indian troops at the border have completed the process of retreat at most places and the tension at the ground level is decreasing. At the same time, sources say that the Indian government has termed this statement of China as false.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has uploaded the comment made by Wang into Mandarin and uploaded it on its website. It says, ‘Since the frontline troops have retreated from most places, the tension at the ground level is reducing. We held four rounds of Commander level talks and held three meetings of the Executive Mechanism (WMCC) for consultation and coordination. Now, both sides are actively preparing for the fifth round of Commander level talks to resolve the remaining issues. We hope that India will work with China to implement the agreement between us and maintain peace and stability in the border areas’.

The next round of talks will be held soon
Asked when the next round of commander-level talks will take place, Wang said that information will be released when the time comes. The Foreign Ministry said on Friday that India and China have agreed to remove troops in eastern Ladakh quickly and completely. Military talks may be held soon in this regard, so that steps can be taken to expedite the removal of troops and to reduce tensions and to restore peace and stability in the border areas.

India had also asked to seriously implement the consent made between senior military commanders of both sides on the withdrawal of troops from China. In order to reduce tensions between the armies of the two countries in eastern Ladakh, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a two-hour telephonic conversation on July 5. After talks between Doval and Wang, India and China started the process of withdrawing troops from July 6. Both are special representatives of their respective countries on the border issue.

Violent clash took place on 15 June
It is noteworthy that since the violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries in the Galvan Valley on June 15, tension in East Ladakh has increased manifold. 20 soldiers of India were martyred in this clash. Chinese soldiers were also casualties in this, but the Chinese military has not made any number of it public. However, according to the US intelligence department, 35 Chinese soldiers were killed.


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