Charge of fraud through fake bill, case filed against three navy officers

new Delhi: The CBI has registered a case against 19 people, including three officers of the Navy and officials of the Ministry of Defense, in the case of cheating 6 crore 76 lakhs from the government through fake bills. After registering the case, the CBI has raided 26 places in Delhi, Mumbai, Gujarat and Karnataka and recovered Rs 10 lakh and documents.

This case of fraud is between November 2015 to March 2016. According to the CBI’s registered FIR, Capt. Atul Kulkarni, Naval Officer posted in Western Naval Command Mumbai, Commander Mandar Godbole and Commander RP Sharma carried out this fraud. In this fraud, these officers were supported by the officials of the accounts department of the Defense Ministry.

According to the investigation, from January to March 2016, in the Western Naval Command, IT related goods were sent to pass the bill of purchase but no bill or goods were taken on any bill and when the PCDA (Principal in August 2017) was mentioned The Controller of Defense Accounts) started investigating the bill and started getting suspicious.

When the account department of the Western Command of the Navy investigated the matter, it was found that the three officers made fake bills without any goods and paid them. This forgery of these officers would not have been caught even if the Ministry of Defense had not started FIS i.e. Financial Information System in the year 2012. In this system, after purchasing any goods, the officer has to enter the bill information in the system after logging in with his own account and simultaneously submit a copy of the bill to the account department so that both were matched at the time of audit. Can go and catch any kind of fraud.

Captain Atul Kulkarni, who was posted in the Western Naval Command, was also a command logistic and supervisor officer of SSO Budget, the 7 bills through which crores were fraudulently passed through their login IDs. One bill was made from the ID of Mandar Godbole and the rest was from the ID of Bill Commander RP Sharma.

When the Naval Accounts Department investigated this matter, it was found that there is no record of these 7 bills passed in the Mumbai Naval Office, that is, all are fraudulent. Under this, fake bill of 6 crore 76 lakh was passed.

After this, a case was registered against 19 people, including officers of the Naval Officer, Ministry of Defense. In this, those companies and people are also involved, through which these officials prepared 7 fake bills and put the money in their accounts.


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