CBI registers case of fraud in the name of LED purchase in IITM

new Delhi: The CBI has conducted raids in Pune and Mumbai by registering a case of fraudulent installation of 12 True Color LEDs in the city of Pune under the cleanliness project at IITM, Pune. The case has been registered against 7 accused, including Pune IITM’s sitinist Gufran Baig, Vipin R Mali and Anil Chandrakant, managing director of the video wall company.

According to CBI, IITM’s sitinist Gufran Baig was the director of this project in Pune and it was proposed to install 12 True Color LEDs in the city between 2011-2018. For which IITM took out tenders. Other companies along with Anil Chandrakant’s company participated in this tender, but without any solid reason, the rest of the companies were dropped from the whole process and the tender for putting 12 LEDs was given to Anil Chandrakant.

In December 2019, the CBI started the investigation by registering a complaint of this fraud in which it was revealed that according to the tender given to Anil Chandrakant in February 2012, the 12 LED display boards that were to come should be from Nichia’s company or its equivalent. But in return, the Chinese company’s bulbs and display boards of poor quality were supplied.

The price of these LED boards was Rs 39,585 at that time and 8 units LED was to be installed in each board i.e. the price was Rs 3,16,680. According to the tender, 12 LED display boards were to be installed and according to this, Anil Chandrakant gave 12 display boards for 38 lakhs but in collaboration with IITM gave these displays 8 times more price at 2,98,20,000.

Gufran Baig said the Chinese goods were okay in the investigation and approved to pass the bill. Apart from this, the condition in the tender was that the display board had to fulfill the order by 31 March 2012, but it was also delayed. According to the conditions, if the tender is completed by delay, then penalty of 1 percent to 10 percent will also have to be paid according to the purchase, but no penalty was taken from Anil Chandrakant despite delay throughout the year.

After preliminary investigation, the CBI registered a case against 7 people including Gufran Baig and Anil Chandrakant on this fraud and conducted raids and recovered important documents. According to the CBI, very important evidence has been found in this case and the accused may be arrested soon.


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