Cat fight between Kangana Ranaut and Swara Bhaskar, each other fiercely

new Delhi: actress Kangana Ranaut Continually, she is in the news about her statements. Kangana has revealed the truth about Bollywood’s big personalities and her attitude towards outsiders. In a recent interview, Kangana said that she started the concept of Parallel Cinema in the film industry. Acting on this, actress Swara Bhaskar has responded.

actress Swara Bhasker Kangana targeted Ranaut through Twitter. Swara Bhaskar wrote on his Twitter, ‘Kangna ji started Paral Cinema with’ Pather Panchali ‘in 1955, started Feminism with Queen’s film in 2013 but before all this she got India independence in 1947. Kahat an unknown sycophantic needy outdoors, eating the fruit of flattery (mango) and licking fingers. ‘

Kangana Ranaut has also responded while replying to this tweet. He wrote, ‘Dear Swara Bhaskar, none of you were born in the golden age of Indian cinema. It became a stinky gutter after gangsters, mafias and dons took over the industry. Feminism and Parallel Cinema ‘Queen’ started with 2014. If this happens then please don’t correct us?

Telling that, Kangana Ranaut had said that outsiders like Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhaskar would come and say that only Kangana has a problem with Karan Johar. We like Karan Johar. If you guys like Karan Johar, why are you still a B grade actress. You are the best actress from both Aaliyah and Ananya, yet why are you not getting work? The presence of you people is evidence of nepotism in itself.

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