Builder Vikram Tyagi missing for 32 days, family on hunger strike; UP police failed to find

Ghaziabad: UP Police has not been able to find any clue of missing builder Vikram Tyagi from Ghaziabad adjoining Delhi since last June 26. The victim’s family is sitting on a hunger strike outside the society in Rajnagar Extension. The UP Police has shown complete negligence in this matter. In the beginning, Vikram’s car was found in Muzaffarnagar. A few hours before getting the car, the car was seen at the Khatauli check post.

It is believed that the car was driving the crook but still the police failed to catch them. The miscreants disclosed themselves to the Delhi Police at the check post and easily got away by bluffing the police. The family is expressing apprehension of untowardness. So far, the builder’s family is in a lot of panic due to not getting a clue. The Builder’s Association has also supported this dharna, so far no phone call for ransom has been received.

This incident, which has been reported as a failure of the UP Police, is from the Rajnagar Extension area of ​​Sihani Gate police station area of ​​Ghaziabad. Where the 36-year-old builder mysteriously went missing along with his Innova car. The missing Vikram was returning home from his office on the evening of 26 June last month and his car was seen in another society’s CCTV camera, just 5 minutes away from his society. But since then, it has not been known.

The next day of the incident, the missing builder’s car was found standing in an abandoned situation from Titavi of Muzaffarnagar. According to Vikram’s uncle, the police had tried to stop Vikram’s car at night at the Khatauli check post in Muzaffarnagar, two unknown miscreants driving his car. On stopping, he told himself to Delhi Police. But seeing the blood in the car, when the sepoy engaged in checking the car tried to stop, the car miscreants ran the car. There was also an inspector and CO at the check post.

The inspector told Vikram’s family that he too tried to stop the car by chasing the miscreants but his government car was old which could not chase Vikram’s Innova car and the inspector returned to the check post. However, why the attempt was not made to stop Vikram’s car by wirelessly and the car was cordoned off, the UP Police does not have the answer.

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Significantly, the DNA of the blood recovered from the car recovered in unclaimed condition has been matched with Vikram’s family, which makes it clear that the blood in the car belonged to him. But where he himself is missing, this information could not be found even after 32 days after the police incident. Vikram’s family is considering it as a negligence.

The builder’s family has pleaded with the top police and administrative officials of the area but no clue of the missing Vikram has been found. The failure of the police is such that Vikram’s car was found standing in unclaimed condition in Muzaffar Nagar, 150 km from Ghaziabad, but by which way the car reached Muzaffarnagar, the police could not even find it. Vikram’s family is very upset, sitting on a dharna and shouting slogans against the police and the UP government.

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