Britain and China warn citizens of Hong Kong; Said this

London (LondonLocated Chinese ()China) The Embassy has presented British Home Minister Preeti Patel (Priti PatelHong Kong ()Hong kong) People have declared the declaration related to UK citizenship to interfere in China’s internal affairs. In fact, Priti Patel said on Wednesday that all Hong Kong residents who have a UK Overseas Visa will be considered eligible for UK citizenship from January next year.

In a statement issued by the Chinese Embassy, ​​Beijing has said that if Britain does not change this decision, then they should be ready for a strong response from China. According to the Chinese official, by announcing this decision, Britain is satisfied with its own promise, which will not only increase the tension between the two countries, but will also affect international relations.

It was also said on behalf of the embassy that China appealed to Britain to understand the ground situation in Hong Kong under which that area was assigned to China, and they still have a chance to rectify their mistake.

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Let us tell you that the decision of London is being countered by the Chinese decree under which Beijing passed a national security law linked to the former British colony Hong Kong. This is the same law which the supporters of democracy have said to be a conspiracy to snatch their freedom.

Currently, this announcement of the UK will give about 3 million Hong Kong citizens a chance to settle in Britain. Britain says that China itself has violated the treaty made in 1984, then China has also been strongly opposed to any British statement and decision regarding Hong Kong.

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