Breeding period of locusts started in Nagaur, farmers have increased concerns

Hanuman Tanwar, Nagaur: The process of locust arrival in the district is not stopping. Due to the continuous attacks on the crops of large locust groups, crops have suffered a lot in the district.

The concern of farmers has increased because now the locust breeding period has started, in such a situation that yellow adult locusts are not flying back despite repeated efforts after sitting in moist areas in the fields.

The efforts made by the farmers to escape the locust by creating sound and playing utensils and tin are now proving to be inadequate. The concern of farmers is also that after breeding, the phaka produced by grasshopper larvae will also lick off the remaining crops as the grasshopper continues to fly. Camps only at night and does the most damage there but due to the lack of wings of faka, it continuously damages the crops.

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Grasshoppers lay 80 to 120 eggs at a time
According to experts, an adult grasshopper lays 80 to 120 eggs at a time and thrice. The insect that comes out of the egg becomes flyable in 10 to 15 days but till then it continuously damages the crops. In more than a dozen villages of Kuchera police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNagaur district, the yellow locust has made a halt, due to which farmers are worried.

Farmers are trying to fly grasshoppers on their behalf. Simultaneously, efforts are also being made to kill it by spraying, but all these efforts are proving inadequate on the long grasshopper team. In such a situation, it is certain that farmers will suffer a lot in this season and the kharif yields will also be affected by this.


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