Board exam will not be held in 10th, read 10 big things of new education policy

new Delhi: Modi cabinet has approved the proposal of new education policy today. The Union Cabinet chaired by PM Narendra Modi took this decision today. This change in education policy has taken place after 34 years. Let’s know ten big things related to the new education policy-

If possible by at least 5th and 8th and beyond, then you have to study in the local language or mother tongue. That is, subjects like Hindi, English will be in the form of language courses, but the remaining courses will be in the local language or mother tongue.

Till now the school curriculum in our country runs according to 10 + 2 but now it will be according to 5+ 3+ 3+ 4. That is, one part from the primary to the second class, then the second part from the third to the fifth, the third part from the sixth to the eighth and the last part from the ninth to the 12th. There will be a board examination in the twelfth, but there will be some changes also.

-Children will be able to choose the subject based on their will and willingness. If a student wants to study science as well as music, he will have this option. There is confusion about the tenth exam and its nature. Vocational courses will start from class VI.

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The board exam will be made knowledge-based and memorizing habits will be minimized by rote in it.

-When the child comes out of school, it will be decided that he comes out with some skill.

– The child will also play a role in preparing his report card during school education. Till now only the teacher writes the report card. But the new education policy will have three parts. The first child will evaluate himself about himself, the second will be from his classmates and the third through the teacher.

Graduate course will now get certificate on 1 year, diploma on 2 years, degree on 3 years. Now college degree will be of both 3 and 4 years. 3 year degree for those students who do not have to do higher education.

-Her education students will have to do 4 years degree. There will be a provision for them to do MA in one year.

-Now students will not have to do MPHIL. MA students will now be able to do PHD directly.

-New policy promotes multilingualism in both schools and HES. National Pali Institute, Persian and Prakrit, Indian Institute of Translation and Interpretation will be established.

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