BJP state president’s attack, said – Poonia only go to Delhi to topple Gehlot’s government?

Jaipur: BJP state president Satish Poonia says that he regretted hearing the speech of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Monday in the state’s political theater drama. The manner in which the language he used, the dignity of the Chief Minister’s post has been severed.

Poonia said that the Congress is the hero and villain in this political drama in Rajasthan, but accuses the BJP. He said that starting with the period of Subhash Chandra Bose is a long list. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, Chaudhary Charan Singh, Morarji Desai, Mamta Banerjee, Sharad Pawar, Jaganmohan Reddy are many such leaders who left the Congress party, for the same reason they were all ignored and those who flatter the Gandhi-Nehru family Participation in power continued.

Responding to the question asked by Chief Minister Gehlot against the statement made against Sachin Pilot, Poonia said that how can the BJP have a hand in it if the state Congress president leaves his party? He said that this is an internal quarrel of the Congress party, which has now come before the state. Poonia said that the Congress is scattered in the state due to the arrogance of the Chief Minister.

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He said that for how long will the government, ministers and legislators remain locked in the enclosure? The people of the state are looking for ministers, the work of the people is not being done and the government should answer on this. Poonia said that the figures of Corona are increasing rapidly in the state, the common people are worried, while the government, their ministers and legislators are playing carrom, football in the hotel, watching movies like Mughal-e-Azam, Sholay and Sonia It is also being learned to make Italian dishes to please Gandhi.

Fun being imprisoned in hotels
BJP state president said that the rate of corona infection is increasing in the state, more than 500 deaths have taken place. People are upset with the increase in electricity rates and the government is not paying any attention to the waiver of the electricity bill for three months. Poonia said that the government does not care about resolving the issues of public interest in the state, just being imprisoned in the hotel and having fun. He said that there is no emergency in Rajasthan indirectly. The British had misused 124-A and imposed it on Mahatma Gandhi and Lokmanya Tilak, so now the government in the state is misusing SOG and ACB to intimidate the independents and MLAs of small parties.

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CBI also tightens
On the notification issued by the state government regarding the CBI investigation, Poonia said that according to the notification of the state government, the CBI will be able to investigate any matter only after the consent of the state government. Whereas earlier, without special permission from the state government, the CBI could also investigate directly, but on July 19, the state government issued a notification and now the permission of the state government has been required in all cases. Poonia raised the question and said that it is clear from the government’s decision that there is some black in the pulses and the government has taken such a decision to hide something.

Used the wrong language
Poonia said that the Chief Minister has used indecisive and unsympathetic language, so that it is clear that he has become morally weak and has given up morally. He said that the Chief Minister of a big state like Rajasthan is going against the dignity of parliamentary conduct against his own people and using indecent language, there is no place for such language, it is unfortunate.

Poonia would go to Delhi only to topple Gehlot’s government?
Regarding the statement made by the Chief Minister about Satish Poonia going to Manseer, Poonia said that neither he went to Manesar nor did Sachin meet any MLA of Pilot group. Poonia called this statement of the Chief Minister as factless and baseless and said that if the CM wants it, get it checked by any government agency. He said that being the state president of the party one has to go to Delhi from the work of the organization, to discuss the affairs of the organization with the national president of the party and other central officials, but why does the government and its chief object to his visit to Delhi? The Poonia said that the government should answer that whether Poonia goes to Delhi only to topple Gehlot’s government?

Why BJP is being dragged into internal fighting
Poonia said that why is Ashok Gehlot dragging BJP in the internal battle of Congress? He said that due to the dictatorial working style of the government, the circumstances of infighting and Delegation have been made inside the Congress, the whole state has come to know about it. Taking a dig at Gehlot, he said that BJP has no moral responsibility to save your government. He said that this government will go only by its actions.


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