Birthday Boy Sanjay Dutt is most afraid of this!

new Delhi: Bollywood veteran actor Sanjay Dutt When mother Nargis got cancer, she had left from Teenage. By that time, he felt that no matter what trouble comes upon him, the mother would manage everything. After the mother’s departure, he found the same support in his girlfriend Richa Sharma. However, Sunil Dutt and other family members were not in favor of his marriage to Richa. But Sanjay Dutt had said that Richa gives me the same feeling as mother used to do.

Fear of being loved
When Richa got cancer, Sanjay Dutt broke badly. So Sanjay’s biggest fear is to get away from the family. Recently, at the time of lockdown when his wife Manyata and children Shahran and Iqra were stuck in Dubai, Sanjay Dutt said in an interview, ‘I feel most scared to fall from my own. I always want my sisters, their husbands, my wife around. I can’t be alone I’d like a family around. I have lived a long life alone, but then my father and sisters were together. Now without recognition and children, I cannot even think of my life.

What is the fear now
In an interview, Sanjay Dutt had said, ‘I came to Mumbai after running from America’s Rehab Center. I had stopped taking drugs, but everyone in Mumbai called me Charasi. One day I went to Sea Rock Hotel, there were some movie stars. Everyone used to go away after seeing me. I heard someone say that look, Charasi has come to work in films. I felt very shocked. For the first time I felt how much I had lost due to drugs. I always felt afraid that I would never start taking drugs again.

Fear of not getting movies
After this, he had no work for a long time. Sanjay Dutt felt that his career was over. This has happened many times in his career. Sanjay Dutt spent the long period without work in the nineties. Today they believe that it is very important for them to work. Work is their addiction and without it they will end.

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