Bihar: Naxalites surrender to police, involved in many major incidents

Gone: Sub-zonal commander of CPI Maoist Akhilesh Bhuiyan surrendered to the police on Wednesday. Akhilesh Bhuiyan along with his father Koleshwar Bhuiyan reached the SSP office and surrendered to SSP Rajiv Mishra.

During this, SSP Rajiv Mishra said that, Akhilesh Bhuiyan is a resident of Nimia Tola village of insurgency affected Sohail police station area of ​​the district. In the year 2011, which deviated from the mainstream of society and became involved in Naxal activity. He said that, after joining the Naxal, the things which were told by the Naxalites to the Naxalite doctrine were not followed. Not only this, Naxalites used to work to harass them by joining them. The promise made by the Naxalites did not fulfill.

The SSP said that, when Bhuiyan wanted to leave the Naxal and return to the mainstream of the society, they were being held hostage and tortured by the Naxalites. After somehow saving his life, he has run away from the clutches of the Naxalites, after which he has surrendered to the police.

He said that the Akhilesh Bhuiyan will be benefited from the schemes of the government for establishing them in the mainstream of the society. SSP said that, Akhilesh Bhuiyan has carried out many big incidents while living in Naxal activities. By this, the solar power plant was blown up in the Amas police station area of ​​the district.

At the same time, a bomb blast was also carried out in the Lutua police station area to damage the police party. He was involved in the incident of blasting the school in Sondaha village of Bankebazar police station area of ​​the district. Apart from this, it also blew up the house of the then MLC Rajan Singh at Madanpur in Aurangabad district. Gaya and Aurangabad police were looking for him in several cases.

SSP Rajiv Mishra said that, the land was not distributed properly by his relatives in his family. With the aim of acquiring the same land, he became involved in Naxal activity. Where the Naxalites did not fulfill their intention. Because of which it has returned.


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