Bihar Congress’s big statement, quote- Our government will investigate Gandhi Setu Western Lane

Patna: Member of Congress Legislative Council Prem Chandra Mishra has given a big statement regarding Mahatma Gandhi Setu Western Lane. He has said that the inauguration of the super structure of Mahatma Gandhi Setu Western Lane has been done keeping the Bihar election in mind.

At the same time, he told that I still maintain my words that weak steel has been used extensively in construction work. He said that on many occasions, inside and outside the Legislative Council, I have used low quality steel in the construction of super structures instead of rustproof steel as opposed to the contract in construction work.

I had raised my voice about this, but instead of paying attention to this, the government worked to suppress the matter. Which in itself is enough to prove corruption and weak construction. Premchandra Mishra said that the department and the agency engaged in the construction work have done a big mistake by not paying attention to it. He described the inauguration of one lane in a hurry as a step taken keeping Bihar elections in mind.

He also said that I have proof which proves that the use of rust proof steel has not been done in structure construction which is contrary to the contract. He said that this matter will be investigated soon after the formation of our coalition government and those involved in this corruption will be exposed.


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