Bihar: All families affected by floods will get assistance of Rs 6-6 thousand, instructions to make a list

Patna: Bihar All the flood affected families will be given financial assistance of Rs. 6 thousand each. For this, the list has been instructed to make. Along with this, after the flood waters recede, the Agriculture Department will survey the damage of crops and bitches. To compensate for the loss, along with agricultural input grant, the amount will also be given for the loss of dead cattle and raw houses.

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi on Saturday while reviewing the flood situation through video conferencing from BJP presidents and MLAs of the flood affected blocks of Sitamarhi, Shivhar and Darbhanga districts, on behalf of the government Assistance amount of six-six thousand rupees will be given, for this it has been instructed to update the list.

He said, “The agriculture department will also survey the loss of crops and bitches and to compensate for this, along with agricultural input grant, the amount will also be given for the loss of dead cattle and raw houses.”

Modi said that if required after the assessment, agricultural input grant will be given for a maximum of two hectares at the rate of Rs 6,800 for rainfed crop area and Rs 13,500 per hectare for assured irrigation areas.

Along with this, a provision has been made to provide 95,100 for the damage to the raw houses and Rs 4,100 for the hut, 30 thousand for the death of big cattle like cows, buffalo, oxen and 3 thousand for sheep, goat etc. in flood affected areas. .

He claimed, “There are sufficient medicines and polythene sheets, including snake bite, available in the flood affected areas, which are being distributed as per the requirement. On the instructions of the state government, the distribution of food pockets by helicopter in other areas including Darbhanga and Community kitchens are also being run in large numbers. “

During the review, the block presidents and MLAs told that the local administration is ready but about 80 percent of the paddy bitches have been destroyed along with the loss of crops due to floods. Traffic has been disrupted in many areas due to damaged roads. BJP leaders stressed the need for more boats.


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