Big reveal of UP police in Vikas Dubey case, these secrets open from gangster’s call record

new Delhi: Historyheater Vikas Dubey (Vikas Dubey) There is a big disclosure in the case. Police have found out in the investigation that two sacked soldiers of police were also involved in Dubey gang. This fact has been revealed in the investigation of UP Police and STF.

However, during the investigation of STF it was also found that both these days (on the day of the attack on the police team in Bikaru village) were not present there. But he had helped Vikas Dubey many times regarding the manner of working of the police, informer and other things. These two policemen used to give full information to the gangsters constantly about where and how they could get illegal weapons.

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In fact, during the investigation of STF, the numbers of both the sacked policemen were found in the CDR (call detail record) of gangster Vikas Dubey, about whom more information is being collected.

After the development encounter, the police is investigating his nexus, network and his nexus with several policemen.

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In fact, the search for the people of Vikas Dubey’s gang, the STF and police teams involved in the search found two suspicious numbers from the CDR of Vikas. When these numbers were examined, it was found that these numbers belonged to two sacked soldiers of UP police. Those who were expelled from the police force a few years ago. However, at present, where these two policemen are and at which address they are staying, this information is not available. But both of them had talked many times about the development, information has definitely been received about it.

Before the incident of attack on the police team in Bikroo, there have been several records of development talks of both the policemen. Those who are being verified. It has also been learned about both the sacked soldiers that they were in contact with Vikas for many years. According to police officials, the search for these two is on. After the capture of these two, more will be known about the entire Nexus and network of development.

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