Big move of EU: first ban on cyber spies of these countries including China

Brussels: European Union (EU) Cyber ​​Attacks Banning them for the first time, they have been applied to alleged Russian military agents, Chinese cyber spies and some other organizations including a North Korea company.

The six people and three groups on which these restrictions have been imposed include the GRU Military Intelligence Agency of Russia. The European Union headquarters in a statement attributed them to the 2017 ‘Wana Krai’ ransomware and ‘notpetya’ malware attacks and the ‘cloud hopper’ cyber espionage operations.

EU Foreign Policy Chief Joseph Borel said on Thursday that these restrictions’ prohibit travel and transaction of properties in relation to individuals and the transfer of assets of companies and bodies. Along with this, providing funds directly or indirectly to listed individuals and companies and bodies is also banned.

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The four Russian nationals identified as GRU members are accused of hacking the Wi-Fi network of the Netherlands organization ‘Prohibition of Chemical Weapons’ or OPCW, which investigated the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The attack in 2018 was thwarted by Dutch authorities.

Sanctions have also been imposed on the GRU for notepatya that targeted companies doing business with Ukraine and caused billions of dollars worldwide damage and cyber attacks on Ukraine’s Power Gird in 2015 and 2016.

At the same time, two Chinese nationals are accused of involvement in ‘Operation Cloud Hopper’. Regarding this, the EU said that it had affected companies in the six islands through cloud service providers and ‘had unauthorized access to commercially sensitive data which caused considerable economic losses’.

In addition, sanctions have been imposed on the North Korean company Chosun Expo, which the EU says has collaborated in Wana Kra cyber attacks, hacking of Seni Pictures and cyber robbery of Vietnamese and Bangladeshi banks.


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