Before the Bhumi Pujan of Ram temple, the Congress ran a political arrow, objected to this

Bangalore: There is a week’s time left for the Bhumi Pujan of the Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya. But Congress leaders are not missing any opportunity to launch a political arrow on the Modi government. Now senior Congress leader and former Union Minister M Veerappa Moily has objected to the pictures of Lord Shri Ram with Dhanush arrow in the pictures of Bhoomi Pujan. Moily says that this makes Shriram’s image invasive. Which they were not. He said that the government should use the picture of Shri Ram’s Pattabhishek instead. In this they appear to symbolize inclusiveness.

Government should use land worship for social unity
Former Karnataka Chief Minister Veerappa Moily said that Prime Minister Modi should present the occasion of Bhoomi Pujan as an opportunity to unite people of all castes and religions. Moily said that Lord Ram always worked to build bridges in the society and he was never ‘aggressive’. Veerappa Moily said that the picture of Lord Rama with a bow and arrow seems ‘offensive’. This gives him the image of ‘Akranta’, which he was not.

Shriram wanted to create an inclusive society
Referencing the Kishkindha and Lanka scandals of the Ramayana, he said that Lord Shri Ram never connected these two areas to Ayodhya. Instead, he made Sugriva and Vibhishan the king. Moily said that Lord Rama had given freedom to all. He wanted to create an inclusive society. We have to introduce this kind of concept.

‘Congress never opposed Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya
He said that Congress had not opposed the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. Instead the locks of the Ram temple were opened during the time of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Moily advised the government that we all worship Ram and Krishna. We should not be narrow religion. He said that religion should be inclusive. Religion should not be used to oppress or defeat anyone.

‘Ram temple should be for the unity of the country and not for division’
Moily said that the Congress is in favor of an inclusive society, not in favor of an isolated society. But the way they demolished the Babri Masjid. How many people died across the country, it created a rift. The Congress leader said that while stressing on the Modi government, he said that Ram temple should be for the unity of the country and not for the partition of the country.

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