B’day: Shashi Kapoor regrets when she did not work with Mumtaz

new Delhi: Beautiful actress was a top actress of Bollywood in a time Mumtaz Today is celebrating 73rd birthday on 31 July. By the way, Mumtaz still looks very good to watch, but there was a time when the actress and the beauty of this actress used to be completely crazy. Not only ordinary citizens, but superstars like Rajesh Khanna and Jitendra were also convinced of their performance. On his birthday, we tell you some major stories related to his life.

Born on 1 July 1947 in Mumbai, Mumtaz took her senses ever since her dream was to become an actress. Both Mumtaz’s mother Naz and Aunty Nilofar were active in the acting world, but they used to work only as junior artists. In the sixties, Mumtaz also started doing small roles in films. His fate changed when stars like Dara Singh became part of Bollywood. Acting from that era saved actresses from working with a big character like Dara Singh.

Mumtaz did more than 100 films
Mumtaz’s success can be gauged from the fact that he had done more than 100 films in his 15-year career, most of which was a superhit.

16 films one after the other with Dara Singh
Mumtaz’s fate changed when he did a film with Dara Singh. Actually, the actress of that era avoided working with a high-profile character like Dara Singh. Mumtaz took advantage of this and did 16 films one after the other with Dara Singh, 10 of which became superhit.

When Shashi Kapoor regretted not working with Mumtaz
The film ‘Do Rasta’, opposite Rajesh Khanna, served as the turning point for Mumtaz. After this film, every big actor of the industry wanted to work with him. This was the same period when famous actor Shashi Kapoor was regretting it. Shashi Kapoor rejected the 1970 film Sacha Jhoota only because Mumtaz was in this film. After Shashi’s refusal, Rajesh Khanna was cast in this film. The pairing of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz was loved by the audience. After the film became a hit, Shashi Kapoor realized his mistake and was determined to do the next film with Mumtaz.

Married in 27 years
1974 Mumtaz reached a career high and got married to businessman Mayur Madhwani. Mumtaz was just 27 at the time. After getting married, Mumtaz opted out of films and went abroad.

Mumtaz received the Best Actress Award
In 1971, she received the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her film ‘Toy’ with Sanjeev Kumar. In 1996, Filmfare gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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