Bad news for Indian workers from Kuwait amid Corona crisis

new Delhi: Amidst the Coronavirus crisis, a news from Kuwait has increased the troubles of Indian workers. Kuwait has announced the resumption of international flights after about three and a half months, but has excluded some countries including India. That is, the citizens of India will not be able to go to Kuwait at the moment.

The Kuwait government said on Thursday that from August 1, other than those coming from India (Pakistan), Nepal, Nepal, Sri Lanka (Srilanka), Iran, Iran, Bangladesh (Bangladesh) and the Philippines (Philippines) Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates living in countries can move.

This decision of the Kuwait government will be the worst hit on those Indian workers who came to India from Kuwait due to Corona and got stuck here. The job of such workers can also be in danger. According to the information, many workers’ visas are about to expire and due to the attitude of the Kuwait government, it is difficult to renew them.

Government started negotiations
According to news agency PTI, the Government of India has taken this matter seriously and efforts are being made to resolve it at the administrative level. On behalf of the Ministry of Aviation, it has been said that it is negotiating with the Kuwaiti government to resume operations.

Sword is already hanging
Significantly, the sword of about eight lakh Indians living in Kuwait to leave the country is already hanging. The Kuwait government has prepared a new draft regarding foreign workers. If it is approved by the ‘National Assembly’ (legislature), then its impact will be seen on millions of Indian families. The Law and Legislative Committee of the National Assembly has already declared this bill constitutional as a constitutional bill, based on countries’ quota of foreigners.

According to the bill, the number of Indians should not be more than 15 percent of the total population of Kuwait. According to Gulf News, if this law is approved, then about eight lakh Indians may have to leave the country, as Indians alone have the highest share of 14.5 lakh among foreign nationals. The current population of Kuwait is 4.3 million, of which the number of Kuwaiti citizens is around 1.3 million while the population of foreigners is 3 million.


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