‘Avatar’ filmmaker James Cameron is worried about this, know what is the problem in the release

new Delhi: Filmmaker James Cameron ‘Avatar’ The much awaited sequel of the franchise is deeply disappointed by the delay of one year. However, Cameron has definitely promised that the fruit of waiting for the film will be sweet and it will live up to the ‘expectations’ of the audience.

The sequel to Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ franchise will premiere every second December from 2022. The release dates of the sequel are ‘Avatar 2’ on 16 December 2022, ‘Avatar 3’ on 20 December 2024, ‘Avatar 4’ on 18 December 2026, ‘Avatar 5’ on 22 December 2028.

‘Avatar 2’ will mark the release of the first film of the franchise after 13 years.

As reported by Deadline.com, Cameron shared a post on his official Instagram about the release delay due to the epidemic.

He said, “There is no one more disappointed than me about this delay. But I am impressed by the incredible performance and extraordinary work of our artists.”

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