And the strength of the Indian Air Force increased, know how ruffle will create havoc on enemy’s land

new Delhi: In the year 1999, the Indian Air Force made a new history on the hills of Kargil. Then Air Force fighter jets present on Tiger Hill Pakistan The hideout was destroyed. This was the Indian Air Force’s first attack with laser guided bombs. In this attack, 5 Mirage fighter jets and 6 pilots of the Air Force were involved. This bomb destroyed the safe haven of Pakistan built on the top of Tiger Hill and similar attacks had started Pakistan’s recent situation.

Now the same work after 29 July Rafale Fighter jet will do. With Rafal, Hammer missiles can be launched on any enemy on the ground. The word Hammer means ‘hammer’ and this missile will hit India’s enemies like a hammer and crush them.

Explain that due to the special guidance kit, the Hammer missile is called Precision Guided Weapon. Meaning that its attack will not stop nor can it be jammed. The target of this air-to-earth missile is very accurate.

There are 5 big reasons why the Indian Air Force has made a deal for this missile due to the ongoing dispute in China. After being launched from Rafale, the Hammer missile has the capability to destroy any target about 70 km away.

Hammer missiles can destroy any bunker built in hilly areas and will increase India’s strength compared to China in mountainous areas like Ladakh. An enemy army bunker can be very deadly in mountainous areas. India will have to send 12 soldiers to fight a soldier sitting in a bunker at difficult places like Kargil and Ladakh but Hammer can destroy any such bunker.

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GPS and infrared technology make this missile’s firepower precise. This missile can work day or night and also in all seasons. In addition to Rafale, the Hammer missile starting at a weight of 250 kg can also fit in Mirage fighter jets. A Rafale fighter jet can carry 6 hammer missiles of 250 kg simultaneously i.e. it will be able to hit 6 targets simultaneously.

The Hammer missile is manufactured by a French company called Safran (SAFRAN) Group. This is the same company that also manufactures the powerful engines of Rafale. The Indian Air Force has used its emergency powers to deal with the Hammer missile. So that these missiles can be delivered to India in a short time. It is being told that in view of India’s needs, the Indian Air Force will get Hammer Missiles made for the French Army.

The strength of the Indian Air Force has steadily increased in the last few years. 21 years ago the Mirage fighter aircraft were the deadliest weapon of the Indian Air Force and with many deadly weapons like the Hammer, Rafal will now become the new hero of the Air Force.


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