Amitabh Bachchan took ‘Gau Gyan’ from Kis Ram Sevak, this tweet has hidden a big secret

new Delhi: ‘Being a cow in the world does not help, the more you suppress, the more you press’, in the name of Premchand Amitabh Bachchan Has given this cow knowledge on tweet today. Now people are trying to find the meaning that Bachchan has written this tweet with his personal issue or for the purpose of sharing such knowledge. In such a situation, we made some investigation that after which Premchand ji has used it in his story or novel, from which character he has been told. This line belongs to Ram Sevak, the character of Premchand’s novel Godan and is not just a line, but a full speech, which still raises questions on the entire system of how a man can be disturbed by what. When Daatadin asked what kind of a lawsuit is there, then read what Ram Sewak gave you, in that answer it is ‘Gau Gyan’ –

Ram Sevak said- ‘The lawsuit remains at once, Maharaj! Being a cow in the world does not work. The more you press, the more people press. The police station, the court and the court are all there to protect us, but no one protects. There is loot all around. The one who is poor, is innocent, everyone is ready to cut his neck. God forbid, someone cheats. This is a big sin, but not fighting for our rights and justice is a bigger sin than that. You think, how far the man is buried? The farmer here is the soft fodder for everyone. It is difficult to stay in the village if you do not give patwari an eye and hand in hand. If the zamindar’s peons and karinds do not have their stomach, then they should not get upset. Sho and constable are like his son-in-law. When they visit the village, it is the religion of the farmers, they should respect them, otherwise the village should be tied in a report. Sometimes Tehsildar people come, sometimes deputy, sometimes collector, sometimes commissioner.

Ram Sevak further says, ‘The farmer should be present with his hands in front of him. Logistics, fodder, milk and ghee should be arranged for them. Your head is passing the same thing. One or the other princes grow new everyday. A doctor has started coming to the well to put medicine, another doctor sometimes comes and sees the drums. The inspector is the tester of the boys, who knows what department officials are, different from the canal, different from the jungle, different from toddy-wine, different from village-improvement, different from farming-department, to what extent? And those who say that the farmer has some favors with so many fragrances and so many officers, not the name. Now the zamindar put two or two rupees on the village. Had a big officer’s feast. The farmers refused to give. He just attacked the whole village. Hakim also favor the landlord. They do not think that the farmer is a man, he also has children and children, he also has respect and dignity. And all this is the result of our submissiveness.

Ram Sewak said- ‘I have beaten the dondi all over the village, so that no one can give away the base or leave the field, if anyone convinces us, then we are ready to give our jaffa, but whatever you want, the farmers of Bemunh grind If you drink it, it will not happen. The villagers agreed with me, and everyone refused to give a chance. The landlord saw that the whole village has become one and it has become helpless. Even if the field is evicted, whoever plots – no one listens until the times get tough. Without crying, even the child does not get milk from the mother.

Bachchan sahib only wants to say that do not consider me ‘submissive’, only then who wished his death 2 days ago. He was cursed in a way. The next day, Amitabh further increased the talk in his blog about this line in Hindi-

It is sure to pat, remember that snake story. A snake’s pet snake used to sit nearby for the owner’s safety. Whatever snake passed through there would bite it. People compelled that this is a very dangerous matter. Snake should be removed from here. When Sapre heard this, he felt that if he was removed from here, his business would stop. He called the snake and said do not bite anyone while sitting silently, or else they will be expelled. The snake obeyed the owner and kept quiet. Now whoever gazes from there, seeing that the snake is not doing anything, started beating him with a stick. The snake ran from there to save his life and reached the owner. The owner was very angry to see the plight of his snake. Why did you kill him, he cracked the snake. The snake replied, the owner said that you should sit quietly, do not bite. So I sat quietly and because you had refused to bite, kept on beating and now people have given me this situation. Then the owner slapped the snake and scolded him and said, Abe, he had supposed to bite, not a little by hissing! Those who have understood, must have understood.

And now this ‘Gau Gyan’ tweet, understand that Big B is in the character of ‘Angry Old Men’ nowadays. He is currently in the grip of a dreaded disease. In such a situation, crores of his fans are praying for his well-being across the world, but some people are forcing Bachchan to get angry even in this condition. Hopefully, Big B too will be healthy and will return home soon.

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