Amit Sadh is ready to be quarantined by hugging Abhishek Bachchan without being afraid of Corona

new Delhi: Amit Sadh co-starred in ‘Breathe: into the shadows’. Abhishek Bachchan Are willing to sacrifice to embrace. After hugging Abhishek tightly, he is ready to be quarantined for a full month. Amit has shared an emotional note on his Instagram account on Monday for Abhishek, who is currently fighting a battle against Kovid-19 in the hospital along with his father Amitabh Bachchan, wife Aishwarya and daughter Aaradhya.

Amit writes, “This is for my senior, my brother Abhishek Bachchan. An actor whom I have closely followed and watched since the time of ‘Guru’, ‘Yuva’, ‘Bunty Aur Babli’ and so many other films.” Brother. I just want to thank you. Thank you for being the best senior. Thank you also for being an actor who treated me like you. You never let me realize that you are more Hai and I am less. You used to listen to things in the best way between filming scenes. “

He further writes, “My performance as Kabir Sawant in Breath is incomplete without you, it has no value. My celebration about Breathe, leaving such a deep impression of the series in our country does not start and end without you. Paata. You inspired me and I look forward to working with you back on the set. I love Jai and Avinash. Both have become good friends. I love the relationship developed between Kabir and Jai and Kabir and Avinash. is.”

Amit finally writes, “I pray to God that you, Mr. Bachchan and your whole family (Aishwarya, Aaradhya) recover from Kovid-19 and return home to be healthy, so that we and you can meet and I will give you If I want to quarantine me for two weeks, then I am willing to stay closed for a month. I love you very much brother. Can’t wait to see you soon! “

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