American agents enter Houston sugar counsel as soon as deadline ends

new Delhi: Houston (Houston) To close the Chinese Council in the US (America) Entered the federal agents building. US officials alleged that the Houston Counsel was the hub of the spy network run by China and was part of a larger conspiracy to carry out the activities of spies using diplomatic facilities across the country.

The United States has already given the order to stop it, in such a situation, to fulfill it, the American official on Friday (Chinese)Chinese Counsel) The doors of the Council were seen forcibly opening. Cliff Seagroves also appeared in this batch of officers, who are considered the highest officers of the Foreign Missions of the State Department.

When these people opened the back door and went inside, two soldiers from the US State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security in uniform arrived and stood for security at the gate. Here the official insignia from the US Counsel (Consulate) in Chengdu were removed on Saturday. According to media reports, several black SUVs, several trucks, 2 white vans and a lock mechanic’s van entered the premises on Friday.

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According to US officials, the counsel was involved in an investigation into a scandal at the Texas Research Institute, and Chinese counselors were ‘directly engaging in conversations with researchers and telling them what kind of information to collect’. Let me tell you that on Tuesday, the US gave barely 72 hours to China to ‘stop all its operations and events’ in the Houston Counsel. A spokesman for the Chinese State Department called the US order an unprecedented increase in the ongoing tension between the two countries.

Sino-US relations have fallen sharply over the past year due to Chinese criticism of the US over trade deal war, the Corona virus epidemic, Xinjiang in China and human rights violations in Hong Kong. Due to Washington’s demand to close the Houston Counsel, China has also demanded on Friday that America should also close its counsel in Chengdu.

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