All Rajasthan Commercial Vehicle Struggle Committee blocked the block, know why the strike

Damodar Prasad, Jaipur: All Rajasthan Commercial Vehicle Struggle Committee held a one-day symbolic strike today. Under the banner of Sangharsh Samiti, all commercial organizations have gone on strike to protest against various demands.

Demand to introduce fitness at district transport offices, reduce price hike on petrol and diesel, new vehicle tax penalty amount and remove the problem of commercial vehicles all over Rajasthan.

A symbolic strike has been carried out by all organizations supported by trucks, buses, autorickshaws, e-rickshaws, tampos, magic, virana trade, wholesalers and retailers. Tourist Bus Association Vice-President Ravi Prakash Saini said that 22 unions including the Commercial Vehicle Federation are not being given any attention even after repeated memorandum to the Chief Minister, Transport Minister, Transport Commissioner and District Collector at Transport Commissioner Bhawan today. is.

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In the present situation it is impossible to drive a vehicle due to the side effects of the Corona period. The new rules of the government have made the work of leprosy. The financial condition of the drivers and owners has deteriorated. Merchants have taken suicide-like steps. Earlier, a memorandum was also given in the name of the Chief Minister. Now we are forced to do a one day symbolic strike today. We have decided to go on an indefinite strike if our following demands are not met.


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