Alibaba, Jack Ma summoned by Indian court, action on complaint of former employee

new Delhi: Alibaba (Indian court)Alibaba) And its founder Jack Ma (Jack ma) Has been ordered to appear in the court while sending the summons. According to documents received by Reuters, a former employee has accused Alibaba of objecting to fake news and censorship being spread by the company. Due to which he has been removed from the company. In this case, the court has issued this summons.

The case comes weeks after the incident when the Indian government imposed the Chinese border (Indo-china border), After the violent clash, 59 Chinese apps were banned in India, including UC News, UC Browser, citing security concerns. After this ban, which was criticized by China, the Government of India has sought answers to many questions in writing from the companies whether they censor the content or work at the behest of any foreign government etc.

In the court proceedings held on July 20, former UC Web employee Pushpendra Singh Parmar has alleged that the company used to censor news that was not in favor of China, besides its apps UC Browser and UC News They also used to show false news that caused social and political turmoil.

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Civil Judge Sonia Sivakhand has asked Jack Ma as well as a dozen Alibaba officials to appear in the court on their own or through a lawyer on July 29 in the district court of satellite town Gurgaon in the country’s capital, Delhi. According to the summons, the judge has also asked the officers of the company to give a written reply within 30 days.

UC India has issued a statement in this case saying that, ‘The company’s commitment to the welfare of the Indian market and local employees is unwavering and its policies are made according to local law. We are unable to make any comment regarding this lawsuit.

Representatives of Alibaba refused to comment on this issue on behalf of Jack Ma or the company. Pushpendra Singh Parmar, who was working in the Gurugram office as an Associate Director at UC Web until October 2017, has demanded a compensation of $ 2,68,000 from the company, with Parmar’s lawyer Atul Ahlawat also saying that he would not make any statement in the case. Refused that the matter is still in court.

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After the ban on the app, UC Web has also started retrenchment of its employees in India. According to analytics firm Sensor Tower, the UC browser was downloaded by 689 million people before the ban, while UC News has 79.8 million downloads, most of which were done between 2017-18.

Charges in court
Parmar, in his 200-page petition, has made several serious allegations against UC Browser and UC Web. There are also many clippings of news in this petition, which shows that this was fake news. One such news of 2017 was that, ‘From midnight 2000 notes will also be banned in India,’ a headline of 2018 was that ‘war between India and Pakistan has started’. Reuters could not confirm this from an independent source, but neither the note was closed in 2000 nor the war between India and Pakistan in 2018.

In this petition, Parmar has also listed some sensitive words, according to Parmar, based on these words, UC News used to censor its content on all its platforms. These key words include words like India-China Border and Sino-India War. The petition said, “It was an audit system designed to prevent a single news report against China from being printed automatically or manually.”

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