After the devastation of Corona, another dangerous plan of China is doing secret deal with PAK

new Delhi: China to create ‘biological warfare capability’China) And Pakistan (Pakistan), And the Wuhan Institute of Virology is at the center of claims related to this agreement.Wuhan institute of virology) is. Australian journalist Anthony Clann, editor of Klaxon, a website, has revealed the deal in a news story. According to Clain, the agreement was signed between Wuhan Institute of Virology of China and Defense, Science and Technology Organization of Pakistan.

It seems that this will be an agreement made only for joint research, which will be on the ’emerging infectious diseases’, but Anthony Clain claims that this is a devious agenda more than the agreement. This program is fully funded by China, and it is not surprising because China has been investing a lot in Pakistan. Under this agreement, China has been allowed to test biological agents outside the borders of China, ie even in Pakistan.

According to the report, this is a secret deal, the information of which is being hidden from the world. There is a secret place in Pakistan where many research projects are going on related to pathogens that spread the disease. Pathogens are like anthrax, used as biological weapons (Bio weapon). Earlier on Friday, Zee News affiliate channel WION spoke to Anthony Clain, saying that New Delhi should focus on this because this issue is a direct and major threat to India.

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Klan says that the purpose and intention of this project is completely opposite, China wants to make all the dangerous experiments in this secret research center of Pakistan away from the eyes of everyone. Since these experiments will be done on foreign land like Pakistan but in Chinese colony, if something goes wrong tomorrow, China can easily overcome its responsibility. According to Clain, after the Wuhan case, he has taken this lesson that he does not have to do it on his own land.

Pathogen is being tested in a laboratory with very low safety in Pakistan. In science, biosafety level 4 is considered to be the best biosafety prevention method, tests involving fatal diseases (whose viruses easily pass into the body of another), should always be done under the protection of biosafety level 4.

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Wuhan Institute of Virology had Biosafety Level 4 and so far questions are being raised as to whether its standards and safety regulations were also being followed? The report says that Pakistan is conducting these research tests in such laboratories which are not equipped to deal with dangerous level of viruses. China is preparing another virus bank in Pakistan without any necessary precautions.

In one way or another, it is a knock before another big event happens, if they make biological weapons, then it is a big danger, but if there is breach of security then it can be dangerous for the whole world.


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