After Donald Trump, Twitter action on his son, this is the reason

Washington: US President Donald Trump After now, Twitter has also taken action on his son. Twitter has blocked Trump Jr. from tweeting for 12 hours over violation of policies. Indeed, Trump’s elder son posted a video of doctors on Monday, referring to the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of CoronaVirus. Twitter immediately took the action and removed the video and temporarily banned the Junior Trump’s tweet citing violations of their policies made on COVID-19.

Not only Twitter, Facebook Inc. and YouTube have also removed the video stating against the rules. President Trump also retweeted his son’s tweet, which has also been deleted by Twitter. Twitter has said in this regard that Trump’s video is a violation of the rules of misinformation about COVID-19, under which action has been taken against him.

Significantly, the World Health Organization (WHO) has already stopped the trial of hydroxychloroquine and many reports have mentioned its side effects. But Trump is not ready to hear anything about it. He is constantly advocating this and now his son has also done the same.

In a video posted by Trump, doctors praised the hydroxychloroquine and questioned the imperative of the mask. The White House has not commented on this. However, a spokesperson for Junior Trump has termed the Twitter action as wrong. Spokesman Andy Surabian said, “To act on medical professionals who share ideas only because they are contrary to the anti-hydroxychloroquine campaign is utterly wrong”.

At the same time, Twitter told news agency Reuters that ‘action has been taken on Trump Jr. for violation of rules. We have not suspended their account, they will be banned for tweeting only. However, they will be able to browse their account and the direct message facility will continue. His account has been limited for 12 hours’.


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