After death, a star radiates into the galaxy, it has not happened till date

New Delhi: The stars also have an ‘expiry date’, like the rest of the universe, one day they too die, are destroyed, one day it will come when the sun will also stop working. When they die, there is a huge explosion, which is called a supernova. The stars often collapse under the weight of gravity due to lack of fuel, causing a huge explosion. Additionally, some of those stars turn into blackholes.

There are 2 ways to bid farewell to the stars. Most stars, after completing their life cycle, turn into a white dwarf, indicating that the ‘core’ was once a star. Astronomers claim that this ‘core material’ is the most important component of all living forms.

“The integral discovery of an explosion related to the radio emission of the magnetar SGR 1935 + 2154”, recorded and studied by S. Mereghetti et al., Recently featured in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. Recently, a telescope-based Global Collaboration Research found that a dead star is leaving an unevenly mixing of radiation in the galaxy. This has never been seen before.

Radiation involves 2 phenomena, magneters and fast radio bursts. Magneters refer to the remnants of stars that are home to the world’s most intense magnetic fields. Once activated, the magneters release high-energy radiation, which lasts less than a second but produces more energy than our Sun.

Fast radio bursts are like waves, which appear and disappear. They mostly end in a few milli-seconds, they were first discovered in 2007. After disappearing, it is rare to see them.

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In the month of April, scientists saw a strange thing, a magnet which had already been logged 6 years earlier, suddenly started indicating to be active again. Its official name is ‘SGR 1935 + 2154’. However, unlike a common magnetor, it was emitting radio webs with X Rage.

In short, it could capture the unsolved mysteries of the Magnetar and the FRB. So far this year, no radio webs have been emitted from any magneter, or at least not on record.

This new discovery has been confirmed by different space stations around the world. For the first time, a scientific link has been found between Magnators and FRB, which were considered different till now. Scientists have long suspected that magnators produce fast radio bursts, which may be responsible for the explosion, which emits too much light.


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