After America, now mysterious seeds packets are being sent from China to Canada as well

Toronto: After America, Canada has also received packets of mysterious seeds, after seeing that it seems that they have been sent from China. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has warned the people of Canada not to use these seeds. The agency has said in a statement that these seeds may contain an invasive breed, and may be harmful to agriculture and natural areas.

The CFIA stated in the statement, ‘Do not plant seeds of unknown origin’, unauthorized seeds may be among invasive breeds, or may contain plant-eating pests, which may be harmful if used in Canada.

The Ontario Provincial Police has said in its tweet that these seeds have been sent either from China or Taiwan.

The CFI has instructed that whoever takes these seeds, immediately inform the regional offices about this. Along with this, it has been said that keep this package with you until the inspector contacts you. The US Department of Agriculture has also issued a similar warning, stating that they believe these seeds are part of a ‘brushing scam’ in which a seller sends someone a cheap product or empty box and the delivery notice The company makes a fake review, through which they can increase their ratings on e-commerce sites.

The USDA has said that for further testing, they are collecting seeds from all the people to whom they have been sent.

Let me tell you that the relationship between Canada and America has reached worse condition this year from Beijing. Experts say that the relationship between America and Canada is at the bottom in decades and the reason behind this is from trade and technology to corona virus epidemic.

On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenwyn said in a daily news briefing on Tuesday that the postal service strictly follows the restrictions on sending seeds. According to an investigation by the Chinese Postal Service, all the records written above the package appear to have been tampered with, which asked them to send all of them to China for investigation.

Explain that the US states, including Washington and Alabama, have called the shipments ‘agricultural smuggling’. Photos distributed by the State Agriculture Department show these seeds in different sizes, shapes and colors, the color of their envelopes is white or yellow.

Officials said that some package had jewelery written on it and it seems that something has been written on it in Chinese. Those who have received these packages are advised to keep these seeds in sealed plastic bags until the authorities take them from them.

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