After 13 years in jail, published this author’s emotional book

Mumbai: Think how hard it feels if you have to fight for your freedom in another country without any support system, cheat on your own family members and face trial. Well, this writer Lal Bhatia Book of ‘Indicting Goliath’ Ki is a one-lineer, a real-life story of a man who had to struggle for justice without a lawyer in the US when his ex-wife’s uncle made allegations of fraud against him.

This book is based on the unproven facts, evidence, and testimony established on the basis of extensive trial in approximately 21 courts in the United States. Writer Lal Bhatia was tortured, tortured, falsely convicted and imprisoned. In the end, it took Bhatia 13 years to get out of this case and return to India.

Lal Bhatia Said, ‘I wrote this book during my 13 years of imprisonment. I gave every minute detail and while battling in the courts collected undisputed facts and evidence to support my claim and attached it to the book. Notion Press was the only publishing company that agreed to publish the book as it is a book highlighting the dark side of the system.

He added, ‘It was a thirteen-year journey, going through the dangers of chaos, which tested my honesty and physical endurance. Nobody has assessed that trapping a person can be a scam. ‘ The book has been released in three languages, English, Russian and Bengali.


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