Administration waiting for corona infection to increase in Jaipur, buyers gathered in markets

Jaipur: Corona positive in Bundi, Kota, Udaipur despite being less than Jaipur Lockdown and Strict Tax But the district administration in Jaipur is waiting for the transition to grow further.

The city markets are crowded. Eid and Rakhi are being fiercely purchased. There is neither a cradle of social distancing nor a cradle of 144 in the city. Shopkeepers have forgotten Corona in their shopkeeping and customer shopping. Small narrow streets are packed with people. There is no one to stop, nor one to interrupt.

Eid and Rakshabandhan are being fiercely purchased in rural areas including Jaipur city. this People forgot the risk of corona infection during shopping Huh. The number of infected patients in the capital is going to be five thousand. At present the number of active cases is 1136 but over time the district administration is taking laxity. The special thing is that in the small districts of the state, where the number of patients is more than 100, the administration has strictly kept it. In many districts of the state, a lockdown has been imposed for seven days on Sunday. The administration in the capital has not even started efforts to stop the infected patients.

No advisory has been taken out by the administration so far. Only the data of patients coming daily is being released. Festivals are going to start in the coming week. In such a situation, shopping is being done in markets without caution. The district administration has not made any preparations at its level so far to prevent the upcoming festivals and the increasing infection. Even though Antar Singh Nehra may have made a commendable effort to prevent Corona infection while being a Bundi collector, after taking over as the Collector in Jaipur, he has come out of his office just a day to look into the arrangements at the Quarantine Center and RUHS. Nehra needs to take strict steps to prevent corona infection in Jaipur on the lines of Bundi.

According to the forecast of World Health Organization, now outbreak of corona in the country, state and district is increasing very fast. During the lockdown, the government had taught all the precautions to the people. As a result of the violation of most of them, now its victims have started appearing in street and street. On the other hand, the government staff has also relaxed to a large extent to follow the rules of Corona. Until a few days ago, the staff which was coming into action on a little information, now that speed has slowed down. In such a situation, due to the carelessness of the people, it is now rapidly spreading its legs.

This is how disturbances are happening
The lockdown is almost over now. Except for a few select institutes and systems, all work has started as before. In such a situation, there are crowds of people in vegetable markets, especially buying vegetables by sticking to each other on the stalls, filling up the passengers in the tampos running in the city, queues for slip in the hospital and adjacent to show doctors. Standing taxes, distancing among buyers at all shops is completely finished.

People gather in offices and visit each other and touch their belongings without any precaution, 25-50 people gather together and eat in small events and other organizations, political and non-political organizations Violation of distancing of people at meetings and other events, excesses of people even at funerals, lack of distancing between farmers and traders in the mandis are many such things, which are giving Corona an opportunity to spread quickly.

Corona control can be done if these steps are taken
Be set at the time of market opening
Action should be taken on those who do not do social distancing in the markets
E-rickshaws to be challaned for over-riding in auto
District administration advisory issued and call meeting of traders

administration waiting for corona infection to increase in Jaipur

However, the preparations with which the government machinery had initially entered the field to fight this epidemic, have also started to consolidate their systems. Earlier, the police and administration staff did not allow the people to freeze or patrol the violations, but now there is nothing like that. This is why Corona is now getting an open ground to spread and due to the negligence of the people it is spreading its foot very fast.


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