A 3-year-old girl was trapped in a different country, when she met her mother after 6 months…

Israel: The three-year-old Melaniya Petrushanska suddenly suffered 6 months of unexpected exile, went on a short trip outside the country, and suddenly Israel caused the coronavirus havoc. Sealed its borders.

The parents of this 3-year-old Ukrainian immigrant’s baby girl were in tears for a long time this week when Israeli Airlines agreed to bring her back from Kiev, Ukraine with special security. The girl went to Ukraine with her grandmother in January.

Returning flights continued to dwindle, as Israel was also imposing various restrictions to fight the Corona epidemic, although now the country is struggling to get back on track.

Melania’s mother, Alona, ​​recalled how she had spoken to her girl, who was so far away, through a video call, when she used to explain to him, ‘The plane is sick and there is no way for her to come back .. because everyone is sick is.’

Although Melinia was an Israeli citizen, her grandmother was not Israeli. According to Alona, ​​because of this, bringing the daughter there was impossible, because foreign citizens were not allowed due to the lockdown, only a few flights were available for Israeli citizens.

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The parents of the child were finding themselves completely helpless. If they had gone to take him to Ukraine, then according to the rules, he had to stay in quarantine 14 days ago and then in his country for the same number of days. Alona said that it was impossible for her and her husband to take so much time out of a job in this sinking Israeli economy.

Let us tell you that Israel Airlines (ISRAIR) will be the first such airline, which agreed to bring such a small child alone. Alona said that the airlines have also added the expenses of keeping an employee with the girl throughout the journey.

The truth is that melania is still in self isolation. The family has kept him separate under the Corona Virus Guidelines. However she is eager to go out.

Alona says, ‘We feel good now, because after all the difficulties and difficult times, now we are all together.’

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