69 thousand teachers recruitment case: SC said -10 years of service should get weightage

new Delhi: Supreme court (Supreme Court) Hearing on 69 thousand teacher recruitment case is going on today. A bench of Justice UU Lalit, Justice MM Shantanagoudar and Justice Vineet Saran is hearing the case.

Rakesh Dwivedi, advocate of Shiksha Mitras in court, told the court that in the first part of 1.37 lakhs there was 40/45 cut off. But there was no cut off this time, so the education friends prepared like the last time.

On this, advocate Rajiv Dhawan said that whatever was done regarding the examination was directly against the order of the Supreme Court. Dhawan said that it is clearly written in para 33 that if a candidate has passed the test, he will be given weightage. Dhawan while referring to the 28 Amendment said that the candidate who passed will be given a weightage of 25 marks.

Commenting on this, the Supreme Court said that the education friends who have been served for 10 years should get a weightage of 25 marks. At the same time, advocate Dhawan said that if the cut-off was increased, then the SC’s order giving weightage to education friends will not be applicable.

Supreme Court bench rises for lunch, hearing will continue ….

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