5 people were arrested in the name of getting loan, including gang leader, 5 arrested

new Delhi: Delhi Police The Crime Branch has exposed a gang that used to cheat people in the name of getting loans. The police received a complaint that a person named Ritesh Tiwari describes himself as close to the Home Minister’s PS. He lambasted many people that he will get their stalled work done.

Based on this information, when the police took further action, two more complaints were received stating that Ritesh Tiwari was cheating in the name of giving loan to people with the help of some of his gang members. A person whom he had assured to get a loan of ₹ 25 crore and cheated Rs 12 lakh in the name of stamp paper expenses. He gave a complaint in this regard to the Delhi Police. Similarly, a person complained that members of the same gang also cheated him of Rs 32 lakh in the name of getting a loan of 50 crore. Cases were registered on these complaints and further investigation was implemented.

During the investigation, it was found that Ritesh Tiwari, who is a resident of Civil Lines area, is cheating with the help of some of his friends.

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This gang had rented a farm house. There was a setup where bouncers were kept and people were searched. Those who were brought there were lured that it is the residence of an important person and the loan of the complainants has been talked about. After that, some money was cheated from him in the name of buying stamp paper.

Delhi Police has arrested 5 members of this gang, Ritesh Tiwari, Ajay Jain, Bhaskar Nath, Aman Kashyap and Bhim Pandit. Some other members of this gang are also to be arrested. A Fortuner car, two Gypsies and a mobile phone have been recovered from the accused.


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