39.63 lakh population of 14 districts of Bihar affected by floods, rivers flowing above danger mark

Patna: Flood in Bihar (Bihar Flood) Has caused havoc. Thousands of villages in the state are completely submerged in this flood. If we look at the figures, 39,63,728 population of 14 districts of the state is affected by the floods. However, out of this, 3,16,661 people have been transported to safe bases so far.

Disaster Management Department (Disaster Management Department) According to the information received on Thursday, of 972 panchayats of 108 blocks of 14 districts of the state- Sitamarhi, Shivhar, Supaul, Kishanganj, Darbhanga, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, East Champaran, West Champaran, Khagadia, Saran, Samastipur, Siwan and Madhubani. Out of 39,63,728 population affected by floods, out of 3,16,661 people who have been evacuated, 25,116 have taken shelter in 19 relief camps.

To provide food to the displaced people due to the flood, 1,001 communal kitchens have been arranged, where so far 5,78,272 people have served food. At the same time, Darbhanga (Darbhanga) 13,51,200 population of 173 panchayats of the 14 blocks in the district has been affected by the floods. Let us tell you that NDRF (for the rescue and relief operations in these flood-affected districts of Bihar)NDRF) And SDRF (SDRF) A total of 28 teams have been deployed.

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Significantly, the floods in these districts of Bihar are Adhwara Group River, Lakhandei, Rato, Marha, Manusmara, Bagmati, Adhwara Group, Kamla Balan, Gandak, Budhi Gandak, Kadane, Noon, Via, Sikarhana, Lalbekiya, Tilave, Dhanauti, The water level of Masan, Koshi, Ganga, Kamala Balan, Kareh and Dhoons river has to rise.

According to information received from the Department of Water Resources, the Bagmati River is located in Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur and Darbhanga, the Budhi Gandak River in Muzaffarpur, Samastipur and Khagadia, the Kamala Balan River in Madhubani, the Ganges River in Bhagalpur, the Adhwara River in Sitamarhi, the Khiroi Darbhanga and the Mahananda River. Purnia is flowing above the danger mark on Thursday.

According to the department, under the Chakia block of East Champaran district, near the village of Bairia-Karol, the banks of the old village of Badhi Gandak were built 16 km to 18 km behind the retarded dam. The dam has been damaged by unknown villagers at 0.9. All other flood protective dams are protected under the department. It is noteworthy that till now, maximum seven people have died in Darbhanga district and four in West Champaran due to floods in Bihar.

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