25 thousand prize was caught, used to cheat LIC holders in this vicious manner

new Delhi: Crime Branch Has arrested a vicious fraudster who runs a call center for cheating from LIC holders after studying hotel management from Delhi. The name of the accused is Sumit and he is a resident of New Police Line of Bhiwani, Haryana.

Please tell that before this the court has declared Sumit as a fugitive and Delhi Police has declared a reward of 25 thousand rupees on it. The Mumbai Police has also arrested the accused in the case of cheating the LIC holders.

The accused Sumit was targeted by the people of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. According to the police, in the year 2015, the Executive Director of LIC Delhi had filed a complaint that some people, claiming themselves to be LIC employees, are cheating people by taking information about their policy, PAN number, date of birth etc.

Checks have also been taken from some policy holders in the name of Beyond Travel Dream Come Private Limited and Light India Club Private Limited. After cheating, the crooks used to stop contacting the policy holders.

In the investigation of the police, it was found that the fraud was done with the people of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh and for this, sim card of fake ID has been used. The police identified Sumit, Avinash and several accused in the investigation. Despite much efforts, the police could not catch Sumit.

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Then the court declared Sumit a fugitive and a reward of 25 thousand rupees was declared on him by the Delhi Police. In the inquiry, Sumit said that after taking a course in hotel management, he opened a call center in Noida to cheat. She made contact with other call centers and data vendors used to visit her. He used to provide the name, address, mobile number, account details, insurance policy details etc. of the policy holders.

Sumit as the director of the call center used to check the data and used to give the name of the address to the tele caller. From here, the phone would be sent to the policy holder and he used to make money in bank accounts opened with fake names and on other pretexts to transfer money or check.

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