10-year-old rapper from Kashmir won all hearts millions of views on video on YouTube


Pulwama: The ten-year-old rapper has won the hearts of millions of people in terror-stricken Pulwama. The target of this child, who has gained two lakh viewers on YouTube in no time, is to go to Bollywood and earn a name. Pulwama of South Kashmir, which is often in the news, sometimes terrorist attacks, sometimes the news of an encounter comes from this district. Today, a news has come from here which is related to music related to these violent news.

The young rapper has only one wish
In the district surrounded by terrorism, the way a ten-year-old boy has made his name in the world of music and rap, he is winning millions of hearts. This young rapper has only one desire and that is to make his place in Bollywood.

The name of 10-year-old Arfat Mohideen Bhatt living in a small village of Pulwama is on the tongue of every youth living in Pulwama today. Arafat has also conveyed it to the people with his full capacity without hiding his talent. Arafat believes that everyone has some talent. He just needs to get out. He wants that not only Pulwama, but the name of the entire Kashmir is illuminated by him.

Arfat Mohideen Bhatt has become an online ripple with his music video. Such rap videos, especially of a boy of this age, being so spectacular, have shocked the whole of Kashmir. Gradually this boy, including Kashmir, is becoming popular all over the country.

Inspired by watching rappers on YouTube
“My lyrics are written by Hilal Mamu,” says Arfat. I like wrapping. Talent is mine. Everyone has some talent. I did not hide it and should not be hidden. I took my video to the people and I have received a lot of love from them.

Arfat says, ‘The family also got a lot of support. My dream is to go to Bollywood. My father supports me a lot.

Arfat has been inspired by watching rappers on YouTube. His mother is also encouraging him to make his Bollywood dream come true.

But Arafat’s biggest support and support is his maternal uncle Hilal Ahmed, who is an artist himself. He could not fulfill his dream due to the circumstances. But when he came to know about the skill of Arafat, he started seeing his dreams in it. Now he writes lyrics for Arafat, and fixes what Arafat writes.

Hilal told that today not only the village, but the entire Pulwama youth come to see Arfat. Arafat is famous all over the world through his videos. She has also received offers for a music album from Punjab. But he could not go due to Kovid.

The fourth grade student, Arphat, is advancing rap by balancing his studies and music. Till now Arfat has uploaded ten videos on YouTube.

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10-year-old rapper from Kashmir won all hearts millions of views on video on YouTube

10-year-old rapper from Kashmir won all hearts millions of views on video on YouTube

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